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So I never thought I would be one for blogging, but the various social media outlets never all quite seem to fit the bill – so here goes.

I’m a medical oncologist practicing at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Miami, Florida.  I specialize in sarcomas, which are rare cancers of the bones and soft tissues.

Most people have never heard of sarcomas, until they are diagnosed with one, or when someone they love is diagnosed.  But I spend most of my days thinking about sarcoma in one way or the other, either taking care of my patients, or trying to understand the disease and coming up with new treatments.

So I decided to start this blog for multiple reasons.  First, I wanted to have a place to provide easy-to-understand, reliable information for patients and family members who are battling sarcomas.   I also wanted to be able to share new information, as it is an exciting time in cancer treatment overall, and my goal is to make sure sarcoma patients get to take advantage of cutting-edge therapies.  Finally, I needed a place where I can share some of the stories of courage, resiliency, and hope that I encounter every day, to inspire patients, doctors, and researchers to continue fighting against sarcoma and find a cure.

I hope that these stories, blurbs, and experiences are helpful and interesting, and look forward to our future conversations –

thanks for visiting!


9 thoughts on “a blog for sarcoma

  1. Hello Dr Bree. Just a question… Is Multiple Myloma a form of Sarcoma? I have a friend who has survived MM after 2 bone marrow transplants. She has been in remission for about 7 years now. I had never heard of it before her “Great Adventure” , as she calls it.


    • Hi mitimom! Thanks for following me. Myeloma is not a sarcoma- it’s a cancer of blood cells in the bone marrow, specifically the plasma cells that make antibodies that fight off our infections and viruses. It’s a tough one too- but there are lots of new and exciting therapies for myeloma that are really helping people. Sounds like if she’s still in remission after 7 years, she’s doing great!


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