Sarcoma Patient Education Conference in Miami

Apologies dear readers for my lack of blog activity – it’s grant season and I’ve been hard at work at putting together a new clinical trial… but that means the topics have piled up so new posts will be coming soon!

First and foremost I wanted to make sure that everyone’s aware of our upcoming Sarcoma Day of Learning at Miami, sponsored by the Sarcoma Foundation of America and Lilly Oncology!  It’s free, and even includes lunch, parking, snacks, and a special chance to express your creative art skills!  For those of you who live locally, or are just craving a trip to the sunshine state, we’ve lined up a great day of talks and experiences for patients, families, caregivers, providers, and anyone who wants to learn more about sarcoma.

Click here to see the flyer and register

Agenda and topics to include:

Jonathan Trent, MD, PhD, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center – Overview of sarcomas and treatments
Breelyn Wilky, MD, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center – Personalized medicine and immunotherapy for sarcomas
Andrew Rosenberg, MD, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center – What is a sarcoma, anyway?
Sheila Conway, MD, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center – Things to know about surgery for sarcomas
James Berry, Sarcoma Patient
George Fetko, Sarcoma Patient

Workshops –

Lisa Merheb – Social worker, Living with sarcoma

Yolanda Roper, RN – Managing side effects of sarcoma treatment

Eryka Larena-Lacayo, LPN – A special therapeutic art project!

If you’re coming from far away and need a place to stay, let me know and I can provide recommendations for hotel close by.

Hope to see you there!

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